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    Superior craftsmanship would soon be forgotten if the quality of the products installed were substandard. KTM Properties will not compromise on the quality of the products we install, that is why we are proud to promote the manufacturers of these products. Many of these companies listed have been household names for decades, some not so recognized. Advances in new production technologies are where these companies make their mark!

    Quality, Economy & Style
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Commercial & Residential Exterior Services

exterior construction fremont NH

Exterior Construction Fremont, NH

Whether it be roofing for a single-level ranch house or a multi-level housing complex, KTM Properties has the staff, equipment and experience to complete your project correctly, safely and on time! Improperly staged and equipped job sites lead to delays, cost overruns and unsafe working conditions.

Have an older building that needs painting every few years? Then consider siding. Continually peeling paint is the main reason for siding replacement. Even though it is more costly, the benefits by far outweigh the long term expense as siding lasts at least 10 times longer than average painted siding.

Concerned about losing that architectural look – DON’T BE! The planning phase of your project is where KTM Properties excels in providing you with “peace of mind.” There will be no surprises when it comes to aesthetics or functionality of your siding choice at the construction phase.

Whether it be appearance or cost as your primary concern, we will provide you with a wide range of product options that fit your siding needs. In the photo sample, Hardiplank siding provides a natural, wood-grained look without compromising durability. Hardiplank is one of the many quality siding products used by our KTM professional installers.






Leaking roof, shingles falling off? Let KTM Properties help. With our trained professionals we can assess your problem and give you the most cost effective solution. Whether you need a simple repair to stop a leak or a complete roof replaced, we can get the job done.

roofing fremont nhConsider the roof as your “umbrella” against all the elements Mother Nature can dish out. It also protects your valuable inside belongings. Replace your roof, and keep the rest of your structure unharmed.

Whether you are changing your traditional cedar shake, tar shingles or architectural shingles on a family home or the repair or replacement of a rubber sealed roof on a commercial warehouse, KTM Properties handles to entire process from planning to completion. No middle man subcontractors working on their own work schedule. Replacing materials on your roof can be a difficult and dangerous task, so save the headache and leave it to professionals like KTM!



windows fremont nh



Decking fremont nhWindows & Decks
Rotted window sills? Old worn windows with poor insulation? Let KTM Properties take a look! Not only do windows tend to be one of the largest energy thieves in the average building, but they also can be a time sink with respect to care and cleaning. We can determine the most cost effective way to reach your goal. KTM installation professionals have replaced and repaired thousands of windows which allows us to quickly diagnose the problem and solve it cost effectively.

In search of ideas for your next deck project? Let us help replace that old rotting deck with a new one! KTM has a wide selection of decking & accessories including rails systems, post caps, and more. Our most popular decking product is Azek because of its superior qualities which include: lifetime limited warranty, low maintenance, slip resistant surface, stain resistance, scratch resistance, solid workability and beauty and a choice of colors! Azek is PVC with the look, feel, and sound of premium quality wood decking and eliminates virtually all the problems of both wood and composite decking.

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