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    Quality, Economy & Style
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How Exterior Painting Can Increase Your Curb Appeal

Exterior Painting in Fremont NH

We understand that homeowners want their houses to stand out and catch the attention of persons who pass by their homes. As experts in residential construction, we understand the importance of having a beautiful exterior painting.

Here at KTM Properties, we always work in a step-by-step manner to make sure that the job is done orderly and that our clients are always aware of the work being done.
For exterior painting, the steps we take are:

  1. Preparation – We prepare all the materials needed as well as visualize the outcome that our clients expect. We also take into consideration the kind of paint needed and the most cost-efficient way of doing the job.
  2. Painting – Exterior painting requires proper techniques and procedure which our technicians are highly capable of performing. All of them are experts in this line of work and they possess commercial tools that give you that professional finish
  3. After-care – The work we do does not only involve a well done but also the clean-up that needs to be done after. We will make sure that after the job, your house will be beautiful and spotless.

If you are looking for experts, contact KTM Properties now have the best of the best handle your exterior painting needs.

Kitchen Remodeling- Restoring The Hub of Your Home

Kitchen Remodeling Fremont NHThe kitchen is often considered as being the hub of a home. It’s not just the place where all the food is stored and prepared but it’s also the place where you and your family meet during meals and where you could also entertain guests.

The kitchen serves so many functions and its design should incorporate all of those. Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? KTM has been doing impressive kitchen remodeling  projects for years and we know exactly how to help homeowners transform their kitchens and prepare their budget.

Sinks, Countertops and Faucets

You do not have to choose between functionality and style when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. With our help, you can have a stylish countertop that is highly functional, practical and yet stylish at the same time. We can also use plumbing fixture installations to add elegance to your new kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinetry in your kitchen is also a key ingredient in a kitchen remodeling project. We can provide you with many options when it comes to the materials and style of your new cabinetry. We will be working with you through every step of the remodeling process starting from the design, to the renovation and into the finishing touches.

Call KTM Properties to turn your kitchen ideas into reality.

Remodeling Old New England Homes

A family house will always retain its family home charm no matter how old it is. Sometime the older home just need to be remodeled in order to bring back the original beauty or to make room for modern appliances and living standards. KTM properties will not only preserve the charm and quality of your home, but can help you develop a construction plan that assures your home continues to meet the needs of your household.

Benefits of remodeling old houses:

Safety. Some houses have been lived in for over a hundred years. Its design or wiring may no longer comply with the modern safety regulations for houses. Instead of building a new house, you can remodel it to fit with contemporary standards.

Modernization. Having an older home has its charms, but if you’re looking to modernize your kitchen appliances, reducing energy costs or expand your living space, remodeling is a great alternative to moving.

Practical. Renovation can be costly at times, but it sure is typically much less expensive than building a new house. 

Remodeling Old House Fremont NH

Considerations For Backyard Construction & Renovation

The backyard is one of the parts of the house where people get together and bond with each other. It can also be a perfect place for you to relax and have some great time. That is why it is substantial to have a backyard that is not only attractive but will also be fit for the special events.

For whatever usage you have in mind for your backyard and for whatever work that you need to be done, KTM properties is well equipped to get the job done right. We have the excellent workers as well as high quality materials and equipment.

Things to be considered:

Backyard renovation jobs can be very expensive and complex. That is why the professionals of KTM properties have taken into account all the factors that come with the job and have broken them down into the following:

  1. Planning. Before any huge work can be done, proper planning has to first be made. Our professionals will be able to help you see the backyard you’ve always wanted and the work that needs to be done in order to realize that. 
  2. Cost. We know that backyard renovations can be costly. That is why we will plan the project with you and will endeavor to fit everything within your budget. Not only is our services affordable, but the materials and equipments we use are of best quality as well.
  3. Mother Nature. Being outdoors, Mother Nature plays a big role in the condition of your backyard. That is why your backyard has to withstand what Mother Nature can bring.

To learn more on how to get the backyard that you’ve always loved, contact KTM properties now and we will do the rest.


There are many reasons to remodel your home. Families grow. Tastes change. You are preparing for retirement. You want to go green. While this may be an exciting process, it can also be a stressful one. That is why it is important to consider hiring professionals who will assist you with this change from start to finish.

Why Choose to Hire Us?

  • You will save time. We are well aware of every aspect of home remodeling and building codes, so figuring out the best options for new materials or technologies or choosing compatible structures to your mechanical system is what we do. We have all the information you need.
  • You will save money. We can provide you the best options in choosing the materials of your new home depending on your budget. We can build you a cost-effective home without compromising quality.
  • You will be involved. We listen to the desires and concerns of our clients. As this is your home, we want you to be involved from planning to construction. Our goal is to transform your home exactly the way you want it. 

To find out more about the services that we offer, contact KTM Properties now and allow our experienced staff to make your dream home a reality.

School Renovations

Being an educational facility, it is best to continuously update and upgrade your school’s appearance for better function and performance as well as maintenance. Here at KTM Properties, we assure you that your vision and plans for the school will be met. We have high tech facilities and professional contractors that can properly deliver your construction needs.

What are the Different School Renovation Projects?

There are a lot of areas that can be subject to and renovation at your school. We do minor to major renovations and maintenance of your facility. Our services include:

  1. The spaces of the rooms in the school may be enlarged, or widened. We can even add or take out compartments.
  2. Concrete flooring. Concrete flooring can be improved and repaired.
  3. We can demolish walls that are no longer needed.
  4. We can also help extend certain buildings in your school for more space.
  5. Drainage and electrical systems. Drainage and electrical systems should be maintained regularly and should be treated with the utmost care to avoid rotting and damage.
  6. Decks and balconies. We can add decks and balconies for certain parts of your establishment.
  7. Parking lot and other exterior areas. We repair broken concrete and rusting posts, we can also add roofing for certain areas.

These are just some of the projects that we do. If you want to know more, you may call us. KTM Properties acknowledge that renovations and property maintenance are important for the safety of your school.